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One of our main news categories are Pharmaceutical news coverage, we are always researching what’s going on in the Pharmaceutical or “Big Pharma” sector. 4AB News covers everything from Stryker Hip Implant Lawsuits, Invokana lawsuits, Essure lawsuits, Risperdal lawsuits and many more. We are a go-to source for the latest in Big Pharma settlement news. Below is a list of pharmaceutical stories we have covered recently..

  • Stryker Hip Implant lawsuit. Claimants are suing Stryker Corp. in a massive 1.43-Billion-dollar settlement for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of consortium and other damages, resulting from a Stryker Corps hip implant surgery. Click here for more news on Stryker Lawsuit Claims.
  • Risperdal lawsuit claims. Claimants are suing the Risperdal company due to a side effect it causes in males called “Gynoclamastia”. This is a condition in which males develop enlarged breast due to the buildup of Estrogen in their bodies from taking this drug.
  • BP Claims. We have paid close attention to the BP Deep Water Horizon Oil spill in 2010, this spill resulted in an extraordinary amount of fuel leaking into the ocean, this had and still is having today a large effect on both marine life and the lively hoods of the people that worked/lived near or around the affected areas.
  • Business to Business (B2B). We report on miscellaneous B2B businesses in various sectors that use implementation strategies to help businesses optimize their operations and ensure future success.

We also cover the business sector, posting articles on new techniques for business to business (B2B) readers to take advantage of. Some of the sub categories you’ll find in our Business Media sector are Cost Reduction, various Case Studies, business optimization strategies, etc.

Another sector we blog about is travel and leisure. We love showing our readers new destinations they have maybe never seen before and letting them know some of the cheapest places to stay in those destinations, as well as helping our readers find interesting activities to do in these locations.